01. She [lost] her purse somewhere and can't find it.
02. We [lost] the game 2-1.
03. If we [lose] this next game, we will be out of the tournament.
04. He always [loses] his arguments with the boss so I don't know why he even tries.
05. I'm tired of cheering for a [losing] team. Why can't we win just one championship?
06. You're such a [loser]. No girl would ever want to go out with you.
07. The United States has never really recovered from the shock of [losing] the war in Vietnam.
08. I think I [lost] my keys when I was getting out of the car.
09. She has [lost] her job and is having difficulty paying her rent.
10. After he got fired, they were afraid they would [lose] their home.
11. Paul [lost] his driver's licence for a year for driving while drunk.
12. She [lost] all trust in her husband after he had an affair with a co-worker.
13. My dad [lost] his hearing after working amid the noise on the ships all his life.
14. The young boy [lost] a lot of blood after cutting his head open.
15. She [lost] over 10 pounds in the first three months of her diet.
16. Over 200 people [lost] their life in the plane crash.
17. The young child [lost] a leg when she was hit by a train.
18. My grandmother [lost] two brothers in the war.
19. We are [losing] valuable time. We need to get busy on this.
20. The company is [losing] money and something has to be done or it will be in serious trouble.
21. Male monkeys often [lose] hair on their heads as they get older.
22. During a race, horses often [lose] 15-20 pounds of body weight.
23. Fifty men were [lost] when the ship sank.
24. The [loser] of this next match will be out.
25. The closing of the factory resulted in the [loss] of over 300 jobs.
26. It took him years to get over the [loss] of his little dog.
27. He wears a hat all the time to hide his hair [loss].
28. Enemy [losses] as a result of the battle are said to be quite high.
29. His retirement is a great [loss] to this company.
30. The company has suffered a [loss] of a quarter of a million dollars this year.
31. The old woman died from a [loss] of blood following the car accident.
32. I was [lost] and had to get help from a policeman to find my way home.
33. Grandpa has [lost] his memory and doesn't know who any of us are.
34. I've been [losing] a lot of sleep lately worrying about [losing] my job.
35. The old woman [lost] her husband last year.
36. I tried to read the book but [lost] interested after the first couple of chapters.
37. The party is expected to choose a new leader after [losing] the election.
38. An Arab proverb notes that war is a disaster for winner and [loser] alike.
39. A Basque proverb suggests that there is never trust without [loss].
40. A Chinese proverb advises, count not what is [lost] but what is left.
41. Alfred, Lord Tennyson once noted that 'tis better to have loved and [lost] than never to have loved at all.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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